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Lawyer24h judicial seal translation

Lawyer24h judicial seal translation
Lawyer24h specializes in providing the best translation service for companies, business organizations. Our professional translation gets high estimations about prestige and quality from customers.
With our enthusiasm and reputation, we have been bringing our customers the highest satisfaction of the quality of translation.
In order to have the best quality of translation service, Lawyer24h is proud of having a team of staffs who were trained professionally with many years of specializes experiences in translating and interpreting.  More than 500 collaborators are professors, lectures of universities and in Embassies, Foreign Ministry, research institutes, and foreign experts who qualify professional abilities and work enthusiastically with the highest qualities and effects.
With the capacity of translating 100.000 words a day, Lawyer14h undertakes translation projects with the large scale in the fastest time and the quality is still remained.
When you customers believe in Lawyer24h, magnetic needle for leading professional choice activities, qualities of each customer’s product is “the satisfaction of customers.”
Lawyer24h’s translation services
Translating more than 50 languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Lao, and Cambodian ….
Interdisciplinary translation:
Translate scientific and technical documents, Constructions, Machine and Equipment, technical applications.
Translate contracts, contracts for building, contracts for installing equipment, contracts for delivering/ providing products and supplying human resources.
Translate documents in Finance and banking, business contracts, commercial contracts, financial reports and security.
Translate security documents – insurance, documents of stock finance and insurance.
Translate website – software, news website, website of limited specialities, website of companies, and software.
Translate documents of culture and society, documents of investment law; land law, commercial law, and import and export tax, documents of education.
Interpret recorded/ dubbed films, inserted subtitle films, videos of guideline, training and advertising, multi-media shows on CDs, VCDs; short introduction videos of famous landscapes and the world’s tourist spots; contents of presentations; translation; editing and voice-over films, kinds of videos.
Translate books, text books, literary books, and specialized books.
Translate documents of health services: documents of endoscopy, endocrine/ cardiovascular documents, documents of teeth – jaw – face; documents of diagnosing; medical user manual.
Translate for notarizing:  notarize translated works of contract documents, financial reports, labor records, documents for studying abroad, certificates/ degrees, score reports, school reports, number of inhabitants.
Customer’s successions are Lawyer24h’s successions as well. Your satisfaction is the leading choice when putting your belief in us.

The Office of Lawyer24h
106 Ngo Quyen, Ward 7, District 5, Ho Chi Minh city.
Telephone number:  848. 35098275; 848 35098276
402A Nguyen Van Luong, Ward 12, District 6, Ho Chi Minh city.
Contact: 848 35098276 – Fax: 08. 54052522
Director:  Mr. Do Nhu Luu
            Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuoc (0903 363 054)
The office of lawyer24h is next to the People’s Committee of District 5, People’s Court of District 5; the office of lawyer24h is next to Notary public's office No.2, The office of lawyer24h is next to Notary public's office No.7.

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